Grow taller visually

Choose cropped clothing types

Choose cropped clothing types

Our brain loves to predict.

Which image do you think has slimmer legs?

The illusion of leg thickness

In reality, it is the same character, but we perceive the legs as longer in the right picture, don’t we?

This is explained by amodal completion, where our mind mentally fills in missing parts of an object that we cannot see fully. We latch onto neighboring areas and try to guess what is hidden.

Show a narrow area

To create the illusion of narrower and elongated limbs, expose their slimmest parts. For example, 3/4 sleeves and cropped pants reveal the thinnest parts of the arms and legs, making them slimmer.

Make the visible area longer

If the visible part of the leg is long, then the hidden part is also perceived as long. Research shows that a skirt above the knee can make legs appear 5% longer.1

Similarly, short sleeve shirts elongate the arms.