Grow taller visually

Darken sides, lighten center.

Darken sides, lighten center.

It is empirically known that clothing with vertical stripes makes a person appear taller.

In such clothing, the side parts of an object transform into depth and appear smaller.

An ellipse with vertical stripes appears wider
Picture. The perceived width of the image is indicated by the blue arrow. Our brain cannot accurately calculate width of the red areas and narrows them.

Use thin stripes instead of thick ones to achieve a better elongation effect.

We will also create the necessary depth using gradients.

For example, if the center of a pair of jeans is lighter and darkens towards the edges, your legs in them will look slimmer.

Applying dark makeup to the cheeks on the sides of the face makes face smaller.

the larger the apparent depth of a stimulus, the smaller its apparent size would be, and illusory shrinkage occurred along the direction of gradual depth change.1