Grow taller visually

Increase size of lower part of face

Increase size of lower part of face

In process of evolution, we have learned to determine height quite well based on face.

This helped quickly assess potential of opponent, even without seeing them fully, for example, if they were on horse.

During face scanning, we look for masculine features. They provide clue that person in front of us is physically dominant, and therefore, big and dangerous.

People are indeed sensitive to the threat posed by others and tend to infer that more threatening people are taller.1

Main features of dominance on face are large chin and lower jaw. Their big size is associated with physical strength and testosterone. Men and women with such jaws will appear taller.

To enhance or elongate lower face, options include beard and contouring with fillers, and for significantly recessed chins, placement of implants.

Man with beard appears more dominant

Feminine faces, which are rounder with larger eyes, make men appear shorter. They look childish and immature.2

Men who appeared to be 18.5 years old were perceived as shorter than men who appeared to be 25 years old.3

Men look better with oval faces and more pronounced, angular facial features. To achieve this, try increasing testosterone, losing excess weight, choosing a suitable hairstyle, and using cosmetics.

Although masculine features also make women more dominant, feminine features make them socially dominant.4 Women should consider adding some roundness to their face and hair.