Grow taller visually

Look into camera from top to bottom

Look into camera from top to bottom

People perceive person differently when filmed from different angles.

When someone looks at us from above, we feel as if we are in the position of a child. The person appears dominant, and we become submissive. For example, on television, leaders are filmed from a low angle to emphasize their power.

On the contrary, when filmed from a high angle, the object is compressed and appears smaller. When TV operators wants to diminish someone, they film them from above.

Using camera angles to elevate or diminish a person
Image. On the left, astronaut Yuri Gagarin. The low angle emphasizes his high achievements. On the right, fraudster Bernie Madoff. The photo after his arrest highlights his current diminished status.

Research shows that optimal camera perspective to increase person’s height is 9-12° below eye level. Perception worsens with lower angle.

the audience could feel looked down at by the leader, which might trigger adverse sentiments1

The effect of the angle occurs less in women than in men. Shooting at eye level or slightly below is better choice for women.

When shooting, look straight into the camera.

Photo of a man in different vertical angles
Image. Photo of a man in different vertical angles, from left to right: -18° -9° 0° 9° 18°.

If you want to show your mood more exactly then refer to these values:

Angle ° Values
-40…-19 Strong, Bold, Aggressive
-18…-9 Intelligent, Interesting, Sociable
0 Attractive, Influential, Likable
9…18 Competent, Persuasive, Submissive
19…40 Weak, Scared, Passive