Grow taller visually

Improve your unique body shapes by the shape of the accessories

Improve your unique body shapes by the shape of the accessories

Shape of a specific part extends to the neighboring part.

This effect is called shape echo.

Choose clothing with suitable shapes

A V-neckline can elongate the face

For example, round neckline on a garment can make your face appear rounder, while V-neckline can make your face taper towards the chin.

Raising eyebrows can elongate your face

Raising eyebrows can lift the eyes

Researchers have found that when outer corners of eyebrows are raised, outer corners of eyes also lift. This results in more defined cheekbones and chin, and face appears longer.

slanting the eyebrows by 16° caused a perceived slanting of the eyes by 3° in the same direction.1

Shape of glasses can elongate the face

It is likely that similar result can be achieved with shape of eyeglass frames.

Shoes with a pointed toe make the legs appear longer

If the toe of shoes is long and narrow, then legs will also appear longer along with them.

Neck and face also reflect each other

By exposing neck, you can visually make it appear thinner, and face smaller. On contrary, wearing sweater with thick collar will broaden face. This is not desirable, especially if face is already wide.