Grow taller visually

Divide two contrasting colors vertically

Divide two contrasting colors vertically

A rectangle divided into parts is perceived differently.

For example, with two horizontal stripes of contrasting colors, it appears wider, while with three vertical stripes, it appears longer.

Bicolor illusion

Try creating an elongated rectangle on the body and divide it vertically into 2-3 segments using 2 contrasting colors. At the point of their connection, the body will visually shrink and elongate.1

Bicolor illusion in clothing to look taller

It is not recommended to divide the colors horizontally, as it reduces height.

The same technique can be used for the face. The hair on the sides and the face divide the head into 3 parts. As a result, the middle part narrows.

Bicolor illusion in hairstyle to look taller.