Grow taller naturally

Engage in swimming with additional resistance

Engage in swimming with additional resistance

Swimming is not considered as a sport for bones because there are no impacts, and the whole load is obtained at the expense of muscles.

On the other hand, gravity does not prevent bones from lengthening. Apparently, is why the largest animals live in water. So under certain conditions, swimming will be irreplaceable.

Add additional weight

Animal studies have found an effect on growth when adding weight.1

The number of columns in the growth plate were higher in the swimming groups but reached statistical significance only for the LE group (with added weight).2

Try ankle weights with 1-2% of your body weight. This way, you will create more pressure on your bones through muscles.

Swim constantly

Long-term swimming experience, especially in males, is associated with bone strengthening.3

Swim for an hour, 3-5 hours per week, throughout the entire period of active growth.

Combine with strength training

In water, you don’t have to fight against gravity, so in the long run, your bones may become fragile because of this.4

Use impact-loading and resistance exercises in conjunction with swimming to better stimulate mineral accumulation. Running and jumping are good choices.

Start gradually

To avoid excessive stress from training, start with small loads and gradually increase over time.