Grow taller visually

Lengthen your legs with height-increasing shoes

Lengthen your legs with height-increasing shoes

Ratio of leg length to height varies among people of different heights.

Taller individuals tend to have longer legs relative to their overall height compared to individuals of average and shorter stature.1

These proportions can serve as cues of an individual’s height, and we consider a person with longer legs to be taller.

Height-increasing shoes with insoles

You can try lengthening your legs with special insoles and shoes. Optimal choice could be shoes with sole thickness of 2-3 cm along with insert of 3-5 cm. Higher heel lift overloads forefoot, while lower one overloads heel, increasing risk of health problems.

a shoe insole measuring >5 cm could excessively shift the plantar pressure to the front of the foot2

Choose insoles with cushioning and arch support as they absorb shocks during movement and reduce fatigue. Polyurethane insoles are more effective in spreading load on feet than gel and silicone ones,3 and arch support in orthotic shape will keep feet in correct position.

For high-heeled shoes, it is recommended to use custom-made insoles.

There are contraindications. Consultation with specialist required.