Grow taller naturally

Change the environmental factors to change gene expression

Change the environmental factors to change gene expression

We get genes from our parents that determine our maximum height, and then our environment affects whether we can reach that max.

Eat a balanced diet

The children of Guatemala who grew up in their homeland have a height of 15 cm less than those who grew up in the USA.1 The main reason is that the ones in the US have a better diet, which activates their growth genes.

Дети с одной генетикой, но выросшие в разных условиях имеют разный рост

Make sure you get enough animal protein, calcium, vitamins A and D, and have a balanced, varied diet with enough calories.2

Get regular medical check-ups

Modern medicine can prevent and treat diseases that can stunt your growth.

Take soccer player Lionel Messi, for example. He was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a kid, but timely treatment helped him avoid being a dwarf.

Medicine can even help you grow taller than what you inherited from your parents.3

Height accelerated by such treatment or special supplements, however, cannot be predicted based on heritability… genes and growth hormones can interact synergistically to affect height, i.e., their effects may not be simply adding to each other but could be multiplying the ultimate effect.4

Live closer to developed and progressive places

Countries with a high standard of living have better chances for good income, quality products, healthcare, and education, which means they can better realize their genetic potential.

Look at the top 10 countries in the UN ranking.5 Among them are the tallest people on the planet, like the Danes, unusually tall Asians from Hong Kong and Singapore, and traditionally tall Northerners. These places have an optimal environment for human development, including physical growth.

In any country, there are places where money, brains, and technology are concentrated. Maybe consider moving there if you’re currently living in a forgotten rural area.