Grow taller naturally

Expand the living area

Expand the living area

The size of dwellings influences a person at the unconscious level.

For instance, high ceilings in a room add freedom and breadth to thinking, while low ceilings may encourage a sense of confinement.1

Something similar occurs with the body. In one study, scientists raised birds in small cages, and as a result, the animals stayed smaller compared to those raised in larger cages. Additionally, more confined conditions lowered immunity and increased stress hormones in blood.2

plasma CORT concentration was significantly different among the treatments, suggesting that cage size may pose as stressors to birds.

Of course, people don’t live in cages, but our apartments and houses can be cramped. We spend lot of time in them, gradually adapting. This can interfere with the maximum realization of growth potential in childhood and adolescence.

Practical recommendations

  • Choose housing with high ceilings. The optimal range is 2.7–2.8 meters (8’8”–9’2”). Heights below 2.2 meters (7’3”) and above 3.1 meters (10’2”) are considered uncomfortable.3
  • Visually expand space. Try light colors for walls and ceilings, use reflective surfaces, and keep the space clear by removing unnecessary items from both the top, such as hanging lamps, and the bottom.
  • Spend more time in open spaces. For example, perform physical exercises outdoors.